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10.02.14 | News

Survivors Manchester is delighted to be able to let you know about a new book that is in production, edited by Kate Swift and produced by This Tangled Web.
Our very own CEO, Duncan, has been asked to write the foreward to the book and can’t wait to see the finished product. Kate has very kindly written us an explanation of the project and would love you guys to get involved:

Kate Swift ~ This Tangled Web
A book for & about & by male survivors of C.S.A

Book Plan… To give a platform and a voice to male survivors of C.S.A …a space for men to share stories, poetry, art work, blog extracts etc to express whatever aspects of the trauma and the healing journey they want to… and to list as many ‘tried and tested’ resources for male survivors such as websites, possibly other books. A similar format to ‘Silent No More’ but specific to male survivors.
Why do I want to make this book happen… Because I know how empowering it is being given a platform and a voice in which to speak and to be heard firstly, secondly I don’t think there are many books like this one which will be an anthology of male survivors speaking out. I am inspired to do this book by all the male survivors in r.s.o.s.a and others I have met along the way. Male survivors –are- speaking out and at ‘This Tangled Web’ we believe that male and female survivors should have much more equal help and support.
On a personal note from me… You may think it is odd that a female survivor wants to put together a book about and for male survivors. My personal reasons/motivation for doing this is that 2 of my brothers have also survived sexual abuse at the hands of a pheadophile. One brother went on to abuse me, I don’t and never would condone what he did and I have strong feelings about what happened to me. However I can feel for them both as children and how they must have suffered. Neither of them have dealt with what happened in the best of ways but that is my personal motivation for giving others a platform and doing what I can to help other male survivors as I said on our webpage ‘men get hurt too’ and its time society woke up.
Who can contribute to this book?… Male survivors, people who work with male survivors, partners and or loved ones of a male survivor. You do NOT have to be part of t.t.w or our peer to peer fb group to contribute; we want to give anyone the opportunity who fits the criteria for the book.
How much will my work be changed?… As far as is within my control I do very minimal editing to contributions, I feel strongly that it should be as natural and raw as it comes to us. To date the publishers edit very little, it is more for spelling mistakes and punctuation etc.
I have read this and would like to contribute to the book… You are more than welcome to send me up to 5 pieces of work… as I said they can be blog extracts, art work, poetry, your story, pieces of writing. Keep in mind we are trying to get male survivors voices heard and to reach out to and inspire other male survivors. To give a wide view of the journey it would be great if you could include some positives-progress you have made- things that have helped you etc which may then help someone else reading the book. Depending on the volume of material I receive for the book etc, will determine how many pieces I can use from each individual but I will try to include as much as I can and I will let you know what of yours is being included.
What name? When you email me your work please can you include written permission for it to be used for the book and state what name you would like to be published… think about that carefully as it will go into print and the book will be on sale on amazon etc! You can by anonymous… you can use just your first name or you can use a writers name… this is totally up to you.
Publishing Date? I anticipate the book being published late 2014, the e-version possibly earlier than that. Once published as a charity we would hope to do a book launch.
Book Title? Suggestions wanted for the title of the book
Previous Books by Kate/T.T.W… if you go onto our website you can look up our previously published books and see what they are all about etc
Email your contributions and permission… directly to myself at also if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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