Urgent Call to Global Action

22.11.20 | News

Today we’re standing with our colleagues across the world, particularly those at the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NMEC) and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection whose vital work in identifying victims/survivors of CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Images) and tackling the distribution of and removal of images from the internet could be seriously damaged by a new EU Law.

The “e-Privacy Directive”, which plans to become effective from 21st Dec 2020, will stop the use of specific types of critical technology that aid National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NMEC) and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to undertake their work in identifying child victims in CSAM to protect them, and aid adult survivors to have material identified and removed. The EU is currently debating an “interim regulation” that will create an exception that allows tech companies to continue using these tools until 2025 when a more permanent solution can be reached.

The final vote is scheduled for 7 Dec 2020 and it is essential that this exception is implemented.

Over the last two decades, over 82 million reports of child sexual exploitation have been made to NMEC‘s CyberTipline and at the Canadian Centre for Child Protection responds to approximately 10,000 reports a month regarding child sexual exploitation concerns and their work has meant hundreds of thousands of requests have been sent to providers for the removal of child sexual abuse material, and hundreds of individuals have been arrested. Additionally, hundreds of children have been removed from abusive environments, and countless children both within Canada and abroad have been protected.

This is why we have to take action now and along with these incredible organisations, we are urging the public to act now by adding their name to a petition NMEC have created at

Every single day at Survivors Manchester we get to meet the most incredible and inspiring male survivors who work so hard on themselves to break the silence and build their own healing journey. It is not only a privilege to be able to open our doors to these heroes but an honour that we get to be part of their healing journey as they move through our services. As our work takes us across the world, we also get to meet international heroes who become incredible supporters of our work and lend us their voice in the effort to break the silence for all male survivors.

We’d like to introduce you to one of our amazing friends and male survivor activist, DJ, who has something to say…

Hi, I’m DJ and I am a male survivor whose now standing tall. I’m a survivor of child sexual abuse and CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Images) and as a survivor, I can tell you directly that it is terrifying to me to know that there is a possibility of material  recorded abuse I experienced as a child, is still circulating the internet.

This is not only an ongoing problem, but the numbers are rapidly increasing. This EU law that, as of 20th December, will be make it illegal to search and scan messaging platforms/social media with proactive technology tools to help stop the spread of material that contains people like me, needs to be stopped. There has been 20+ MILLON reports of CSAM online this calendar year alone. A great majority of them from tech companies using these scanning tools. This change in law could mean the potential that tech companies could shut off these tools globally to protect themselves from legal action.

So this is MY plea to you, I’m asking for your help. Please sign this petition and join me with this fight.

Would you think twice if it was you or a loved one that was personally effected by this?

But this isn’t just a plea for that boy I was or myself now… this a plea on behalf of all those that have been affected by CSAM and continue protection of our children today.

So, please sign and help us through this potential major setback.

Thank You.

You can sign the petition here:

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