What Really Helps Us Heal?

19.06.14 | News

The Ministry of Justice wants to know what helps male survivors and we know that you have the answers, so can you help?

For the first time ever, the Government has set aside a dedicated pot of money specifically to support men who have suffered sexual abuse including rape. Since the announcement in February as part of the phenomenally successful (and now award winning) #breakthesilence campaign, we have been talking to The Ministry of Justice to help them understand the issues connected to sexual abuse and rape of boys and men. But now we want you to open the conversation and ask you, what do you think?
The Ministry of Justice would like your views and ideas on how they can spend this £500,000 fund in the best possible way to ensure that they meet the needs of as many men as they can.
Here at Survivors Manchester, we want to encourage you, your friends, colleagues, partners… in fact anyone to add their feedback. We want to encourage survivors to say what they think; we want to encourage the partners, friends and families of survivors to say what they think; and we want professionals working with male survivors to have their say too as to what they think works.
So why not just click on the link HERE and tell them what you think!
The more people say, the more we will know what it is that is helping you’re dads, brothers, sons, uncles, best mates, colleagues and husbands.
Thank you in advance for helping us #breakthesilence

What type of support would best help men whove suffered rape or sexual abuse and how would they want to access that support? — Dialogue App.

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