A Winning Streak!

03.10.14 | News

Last night, Survivors Manchester won yet another award, in partnership with The Men’s Room and Mancunian Way for our Safer Streets Project.
The No Offence Award for Partnership is a prestigious award that recognises effective and impactive work within the criminal justice field.
Our Safer Streets project aims to engage young men who are selling sex or at risk of sexual exploitation on the streets of Manchester. Beginning formally in August 2013, we have directly engaged with over 60 young men and thanks to financial assistance from Greater Manchester’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd, we were are able to undertake an independent evaluation, done by Dr Michael Atkins.
Congratulating us on the award, Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Lloyd said:

Every member of the community has a role to play to protect our children and young people and the only way we can tackle child sexual exploitation is by working together. Safer Streets is an incredibly important project and is making a real difference. Boys are often overlooked when discussing sexual exploitation, but Safer Streets recognises that boys are victims too, and highlights the importance of finding ways out of that abuse.

The Safer Streets report was published in May 2014 and has been widely received as a positive step in addressing hidden harm:


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