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11.09.12 | News

We were delighted to hear that our friends at PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors) will be heading our way to deliver a number of really exciting training/workshops and well, we wanted to help spread the news. Take a look at these…
Living with Dissociation is an introductory workshop looking at the impact of trauma in terms of dissociation and Dissociative Identity Disorder. It interweaves the theory along with Rob and Carolyn’s personal narrative over three formal teaching sessions covering topics such as ‘What is dissociation?’, ‘What causes dissociative disorders?’, ‘Is DID real?’, ‘Structure of the Personality’, and ‘Hope and Recovery’.
• 20 April 2013 – Warrington, near Manchester: Click here
Trauma and the Body: Somatisation and Dissociation is relevant for anyone affected by trauma or those working with them, and looks at the way that trauma impacts the body in terms of chronic pain, somatisation, ‘body memories’, and major disease.
• 22 June 2013 – Preston, Lancashire: Click here
Recovering from Trauma: Healthy Boundaries and Relationships again is suitable for anyone affected by trauma or those working with them, and looks at how boundary violations and attachment issues characterise survivors’ lives and difficulties into adulthood. Looking at attachment theory and neuroscience, this day will provide helpful insights and tools for both survivors and therapists.
• 9 November 2013 – Preston, Lancashire: Click here
Full details of where and when these courses are running, along with flyers and booking forms, can be found at PODS website. You can also book and pay online and each course costs only £50.00 or £80.00 for a survivor plus supporter. PODS workshops are usually very well attended by a mix of people, with on average two thirds being professionals and one third being survivors and/or their partners and supporters. Extensive delegate packs are provided as well as CPD certificates.
Dissociation Resource Guide
PODS have also recently produced a Dissociation Resource Guide. It’s over 50 pages of A4, printed and comb-bound. The first half contains a range of facts and stats and explanations such as ‘What is dissociation?’, ‘What is DID?’, ‘Treatment approaches’, ‘Medication and DID’. The second half contains more experiential articles, most of which have been published elsewhere, but brought together for the first time, things like ‘What is it like to be me? I am DID’, ‘For better, for worse: life as the partner of a dissociative survivor’, ‘A brief guide to working with DID’ and many more. Priced at £6.00 you can find more information or order it at PODS website

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