The Year of the Male

20.02.14 | News

YOTH C.A.L.M (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) are leading an exciting project The Year of The Male that will be calling on the media, advertisers, employers, providers of public services, policymakers and agencies working with men and boys to make a pledge in active support of a brand new Charter for Contemporary Man.
Here at Survivors Manchester, we are supporting The Year of the Male and making our pledge as follows:

Survivors Manchester pledges to support the Year of The Male, in what is our 5th Anniversary of supporting boys and men to become the individuals they choose to be. We make a commitment to continuing to speak out to ensure that the needs of men and boys’ are being met in the provision of public services, specifically with regards to those males dealing with the impact of sexual violation, and to stand up for those that have not yet found their voice. And finally, we make a guarantee that the whole team at Survivors Manchester will challenge the myths and stereotypes that keep boys and men suffering in silence and educate society to #breakthesilence

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