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Community Activities


Survivors Manchester has always believed that healing can happen in every environment, not just the traditional counselling room. We also understand that accessing services shouldn’t be about you coming to us but also us coming to you! There are many barriers that people face in accessing support services, whether that is physical, psychological or cultural and so it is our belief that we have to not only have to ensure access to our building is easy but also that we go out and deliver our services in different communities.

We have a range of community based activities that we are currently delivering and planning on delivering more of. So we’re working on updating this page at the moment, please bear with us.

August 2022

Summer is here! and we’re out in our garden, taking walks in the sunshine, holding Drop In and The Safe Room…. get involved! Click on the image to download a copy.

For more information on any of our group and community activities, please contact Jeff, Simon or Kieron on 0161 236 2182.

Stakeholders & Fundraisers

Helpline: 0808 800 5005