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Survivors Manchester has always believed that healing can happen in every environment, not just the traditional counselling room. We also understand that accessing services shouldn’t be about you coming to us but also us coming to you! There are many barriers that people face in accessing support services, whether that is physical, psychological or cultural and so it is our belief that we have to not only have to ensure access to our building is easy but also that we go out and deliver our services in different communities.

OUT Spoken

Our therapy team currently provide a trauma-informed talking therapy service in HMP Buckley Hall for three days a week. Whilst we predominantly work with adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse, we also extend our work to men who have experienced significant early life and young adulthood trauma.

For many men, this is the first time they may have spoken about the issues that they are facing and we focus on ensuring that individuals feel able to manage themselves first before any trauma processing work is undertaken.

Referrals are taken from OMU (Offender Management Unit), the Safer Custody team and the Mental Health team.

ART Spoken

Our ART Therapy Group happened in HMP Altcourse and was delivered within a therapeutic community setting and focuses on supporting individuals where self harming behaviour has been a significant part of their coping mechanisms.

The purpose of the group wasn’t to create ‘perfect pictures’ but to use creative techniques to better express themselves in ways that words can’t at the moment.

All referrals were received from the Safer Custody team, which was supported by the Mental Health team.

Stakeholders & Fundraisers

Helpline: 0808 800 5005