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Our mission to Break The Silence of the sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitaton of boys and men means we have to ensure that the spaces we work in are safe for male survivors and the services are meeting their needs. It’s what the organistion was founded on.

So in order for us to do this, Survivors Manchester is unable to offer support to those who are under investigation or have convictons for sexual offences. However, our greatest aim as a society must be to reduce the prevalence of sexual harm committed against boys and men and so we have to recognise that there is a need to tackle the issue of support provided to those survivors who have committed offences – men who have experiences as both victims and perpetrators to seek and access treatment.

Whilst this is something Surivors Manchester cannot deliver, The Change Project, Lucy Faithful Foundation, and Circles of Support areworking hard to meet this need.

The Change Project works to highlight and educate individuals and communities of the destructive impacts of sexual abuse, in order to create positive change and develop informed treatment pathways to prevent future victims.

Working with male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation, who have also committed offences, the city centre based service works closely with Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Probation and a number of other charities and groups to address the individuals expereinces of being abused with the aim of processing trauma and reducing further offending.

Contact: For further information, to make a referral or to just find out how this project can help, please contact 0161 327 0176, email or check out

The Greater Manchester Circles Project became fully operational in March 2009. The Project is firmly rooted in a close partnership between Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Probation Trust and Greater Manchester Community Chaplaincy.

A ’Circle of Support and Accountability’ is a group of 6 volunteers from a local community which forms a Circle around an offender, known as a ‘Core Member’. It aims to provide a supportive social network that also requires the Core Member to take responsibility (be ‘accountable’) for his/her ongoing risk management.

Contact: For further information, to join a ‘Circle’ or to make a referral,  telephone 0118 950 0068 or  go to the online portal by clicking here.

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The Lucy Faithful Foundation is a National Charity dedicated solely to reducing the risk of children being sexually abused. They work with families that have been affected by sexual abuse including: adult male and female sexual abusers; young people with inappropriate sexual behaviours; victims of abuse and other family members.

Contact: For further information or to get some help, telephone 0808 1000 900 or email or go to the main website

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