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Survivors Manchester provides a variety of online, offline, 1:1 and group support direct to male survivors, along with their friends and their families.

We also provide training to police officers, counsellors/psychotherapists, and other allies health professionals; and professional support and consultancy to public authorities, health care professionals and third sector organisations.

Every single member of our small but dedicated staff team have all been affected in one way or another by the sexual abuse, rape or sexual exploitation of boys and men and are 100% committed to helping those that access our support to become empowered to break their silence, so they can move beyond those unwanted experiences and make choices for themselves based on today.

All of our team are committed to working in a non-oppressive, trauma informed, male focused manner and do not support any form of discrimination, whether on the grounds of gender, age, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, HIV status, parental status, socio-economic class, or criminal history. All of our team understand the need for individuals to be able to generate their own identity and we are positive about male and non-binary identities.

The Governance Structure

All members of the team fit into an overall governance structure, which we have detailed below to help you understand how it all works:

Meet The Board

Survivors Manchester is governed by an non-exec board of Directors/Trustees, who meet bi-monthly to ensure that the direction of travel of the organisation is in adherence with the business plan and that finance, workforce and service user safeguards are maintained and checked. To meet the board, click here.

Meet The Staff Team

It is said that people make an organisation and here at Survivors Manchester we believe this is true. Our strong, dedicated, highly experienced and qualified staff team are so supportive of the work they carry out and of each other that it truly reflects on the delivery of our services.

Click on a name and see what they have to say:

  • Duncan Craig – Chief Executive Officer / Trauma Informed Therapist
  • Chris Speed – Head of Operations
  • Chris Whitehead-Baines – Client Services Lead
  • Hillyer McKeown LLP – Virtual HR Manager
  • Becky Roberts – Communications Lead
  • Sarah – Virtual Bookkeeper / Management Accounts Reporter
  • Thomas Waring – Operations Assistant: Senior Management Team Support
  • Jamie Legge – Operations Assistant: Informatics Support
  • Trevor Roberts – Senior Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA)
  • Gayna Williams – Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA)
  • Vacant Position – Senior Trauma Informed Therapist (pending award of funding)
  • Candy Ho – Trauma Informed Therapist
  • Marcia Manderson – Trauma Informed Therapist
  • Ross Phillips – Trauma Informed Therapist
  • Stuart Avery – Trauma Informed Therapist
  • Simon Hedges – Trauma Informed Therapist

Meet The Ambassadors

We are proud to have a number of ‘Ambassadors’ who stand up for the work we do and use their public voices to increase the awareness; use their skills to advance the knowledge of male survivors; or use their time to help us step forward. To hear more about the Ambassador team, click here.

Meet The Expert Advisory Panel

Survivors Manchester takes the views of male survivors seriously and since day one, has always ensured that male survivor voices have the ability to influence our work and the direction of travel. Our EAP (Expert Advisory Panel) is made up of a number of people who have either used the services or are currently using the services and give their opinions, advice and guidance on how we can continue to meet male survivors needs. The EAP meets bi-monthly and each panel member holds office for 1 year. Every 3 months, the EAP meets with the Chief Executive Officer to engage in discussion, debate and feedback on the organisation and recommendations are made that are then fed into the governance structure of the charity. The Chief Executive Officer is then responsible for making a timely response to each EAP recommendation and ensuring that a space is given at our annual conference for EAP presentation of their discussions that year.

Feedback: Compliments and Complaints

As an organisation, we truly believe in finding out what we do right and wrong. We try hard to get it right, but we know we can get it wrong and when we do we need to stand up and say so in order to learn from it. So if you have any feedback you can give us, whether thats in the form of a compliment or complaint, please do so by clicking here: Feedback, Compliments and Complaints.


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