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Support Services

Breaking the silence is the first step in healing and moving forward. A wise man once said

healing is a journey, not a destination

and this is something we wholeheartedly agree with. Along the way, like any long journey, we can misread the map and end up taking a wrong turn but by taking a pit-stop, we can re-assess the route and make amends to our planner. We may also need some assistance along the way and in this section that is what we hope to do.

From a directory and details of useful links to organisations that could possibly help, to details about the services we provide ourselves, we hope that our range of support services provides you with what you need.

We arrange all of our services in to one of three steps which allows you to enter and exit at whatever point you feel is best. We have provided this diagram to help explain our services:

Making A Referral

To ensure that we are working smarter and meeting the needs of all our service users, we have now introduced a referral process. Anyone can refer into our organisation by downloading the referral form by Clicking Here and sending it to: or via CJSM Secure Email; fax 0161 839 8454; or post to P.O Box 4325, Manchester, M61 0BG.

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