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Craig Harris: Chair

Executive Nurse & Director of Safeguarding for Manchester Health and Care Commissioning;
Director of Infection and Prevention Control for NHS Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group; Honorary Professor at Manchester Metropolitian University

CraigHarrisI am proud to say I am a part of Survivors Mancherster! I am even prouder to have been voted the Chair but what I am most proud of is the sterling work, dedication and passion this organsition has in supporting male survivors of abuse and if you have any doubt how good we are, come and see, have the tour and meet the people, I guarantee you will be impressed!

Now a little about me, my jobs, what I do and what I love!

I have worked in the NHS since October 2000. I qualified from The University of Central Lancashire as a registered mental health nurse and worked in clinical services for the first five years of my career.

Unusually, my first role was a joint post with The University of Central Lancashire following extensive additional roles including Chair of the Nursing Council and Chair of the University’s Student Council. I became a Staff Nurse after qualifying, working on an extreme behaviour unit; the other part to my role was working as the Faculty of Health Officer of Students for the first 18 months of my career.

I qualified with my diploma and followed that with a degree in mental health nursing. Over the subsequent five years I completed a post graduate certificate in leadership, undertaken leadership coaching and mentoring. I still maintain my clinical skills by working as a bank staff nurse within acute mental health settings. I have had a variety of nursing roles from 2000 to 2005, including a charge nurse in A&E liaison, a Ward Manager of women’s forensic services and the Senior Nurse for adult forensic services.

Following my departure from clinical services, I became a commissioning manager in Manchester Primary Care Trust’s in conjunction with Manchester City Council. Over a four year period I became a lead commissioner for mental health, then Head of Mental Health Joint Commissioning, following which I was appointed as the Associate Director of Joint Commissioning in 2009, Greater Manchester Strategic Head of Offender Health in 2012 and most recently Executive Nurse.

In addition to my main role, I have also been a Governor on a local Foundation Trust where I have served a 2 year appointment.

Finally, in addition to the roles outlined above, I am also a Justice of the Peace in Manchester’s Magistrates Court, in which I have been extensively involved in the development of a Mental Health Criminal Justice Liaison Service for the City which has won local, national and regional awards and am currently developing a facility in Courts for Vulnerable clients. As a set of partners we also won the National prestigious Butler Award and received our award from HRH Princess Anne at Buckingham Palace.

In my personal life, I am an animal lover and spend downtime either running or kick-boxing. I have also recently become a Dad and loving spending time with my little boy and British Bull Dog puppy Majik.

Why did you choose to become a board member of Survivors Manchester?

I have always had an interest in services that are unconventional and outreaches to people that are most vulnerable and for those who have traditionally not accessed services for one reason or another. Survivors is a unique Charity that adopts a style and approach that is adaptive and responsive to the needs of men that have suffered a form of abuse past or present and that need intervention and support to regain their life. I wanted to be a part of a growing Charity whose core principles are based on strong foundations of not judging, not blaming and not ignoring people. After considering other Charities Survivors appealed to me as from the Board members to the champion and organisational leader Duncan Craig, I have never been so impressed with such commitment, dedication and determination and I wanted to be a part of just that.

What would you like to see Survivors Manchester do in Manchester?

To grow, receive recognition for its cutting edge approach to this area of speciality, offer the best services to all that need them and to becoming international leaders in the field.

Do you have a message for Greater Manchester residents?

Don’t suffer, don’t suffer in silence and remember in all the darkness it only takes one flicker of light to make the shadows move away. We need to work together, work in partnership, stand shoulder to shoulder and break the cycle of silence and abuse. We are here and we are not going away.

What’s your favourite thing about Manchester?

It’s a vibrant cosmopolitan amazing city, which offers so much for so many people. Its diversity reaches from every continent. There are little gems of secret family run restaurants, to delightful deli’s, wonderful wine shops and a gay community that challenges Brighton and London.

You can not comment on the city until you have experienced it!

If you wish to contact Craig or the board with any compliments or complaints, please email

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