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We’re Survivors Manchester

Welcome to Survivors Manchester, a survivor focused voluntary sector organisation that aims to create and facilitate safe spaces for male (including trans and non-binary individuals) survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation across Greater Manchester providing to access quality assured support.

Our work is focused on developing ways for individuals to empower themselves to work through personal and sometimes painful issues, guided and supported by our trauma-informed team, following the trauma and recovery model.

We work hard to ensure that each person’s healing journey is driven by them and know, for many of us from first hand experience, that being in contact with other survivors is the key to being able to break the silence and take back the power and control that was felt to be lost during the trauma, and move towards a positive and healthy future.

Male survivors deserve the opportunity to heal and we 100% commit to doing everything we can to make it a reality.

Mission Statement

“To break the silence of the sexual
abuse, rape and sexual exploitation of
boys and men in order to empower those
affected to defeat the legacy of abuse to
move towards positive futures”

Organisation Aims:


To promote and protect the good health of male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation; alongside those affected by male sexual violation; across Greater Manchester and throughout England & Wales.


To provide evidence based therapeutic support services to male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation; alongside those affected by male sexual violation; across Greater Manchester and throughout England & Wales.


To provide qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, specialist and general support workers to support and advise male survivors of sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation; ; alongside those affected by male sexual violation; across Greater Manchester and throughout England & Wales; on how to cope with and move beyond their unwanted sexual experiences.


To provide education, training and awareness raising campaigns around the issue of the sexual abuse and violation of males of all ages and backgrounds, whilst continuing to learn from our work and respond effectively to new knowledge and identified needs.


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As a company (Company No: 06811096) and registered charity (Charity No: 1144941), Survivors Manchester is constituted by a governing document known as the ‘Articles of Association’. Please click on the PDF to the left to download a copy.

Ethical Practice

In order to help and support Survivors create a safe space, Survivors Manchester is unable to work with or offer any assistance to sexual offending adults.

We fundamentally believe in working ethically and are committed to, and adhere to, working within the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. A copy of the document can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking here.

Survivors Manchester is also a founder member of a Male Survivors Partnership (MSP), a national umbrella organisation for all voluntary services working with male victims/survivors sexual abuse, rape and sexual exploitation.

Confidentiality Statement:

Survivors Manchester has a strict confidentiality policy where any information that you give to the staff here will remain confidential within this service. This means that any information you give to us will not be passed on to anyone outside the organisation without your prior knowledge and permission. However, there may be rare occasions when we might have to break confidentiality in the interest of safety – such as, immediate risk to life or the welfare of a child – and we always aim to discuss this with you first, but this cannot be guaranteed.

We may keep written records of, and information regarding, users of this service and reasons for this will always be explained to you first. You have the right to see any information that pertains to you. Please feel free to ask if you wish to see your personal records.

We aim to achieve to create a safe and confidential space for all male survivors of sexual abuse and rape and are always more than happy to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

Survivors Charter

This charter sets out your rights as a user of this service. We agree that you have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect
  • Remain anonymous if you wish
  • Be given information in plain language about services we provide
  • Know that anything you discuss with a worker is confidential within the service
  • See any files kept about you
  • Be seen as quickly as possible
  • Complain about the service
  • Tell us how to improve the service
  • Not be the subject of research without your consent
  • Not to provide any information which you do not wish to reveal

Quality Standards

We also proudly hold the Male Quality Standards Accreditation (renewal due 30.04.2021). The purpose of these Quality Standards is to improve the consistency of service provision for male victims / survivors. The quality standards provide a framework that can be used to develop and improve the quality of service provision to male victims / survivors, in particular recognising their gender based needs.

Feedback: Compliments and Complaints

As an organisation, we truly believe in finding out what we do right and wrong. We try hard to get it right, but we know we can get it wrong and when we do we need to stand up and say so in order to learn from it. So if you have any feedback you can give us, whether thats in the form of a compliment or complaint, please do so by clicking here: Feedback, Compliments and Complaints.

Meet YOUR team


Survivors Manchester has many stakeholders, from those that fund our work to those that use our services. Male survivors have to be at the heart of our organisation and we have always tried to ensure that we respond to the needs of male survivors and their loved ones in the best way possible but we haven’t always got it right. Whilst we’ve always taken the view to listen, sometimes we’ve got distracted and missed the point of what’s being said. However, we always try to learn from our mistakes and that means constant listening and that takes time and effort.

Which is why our Expert Advisory Council (EAC), an evolution of our original service user group – Expert Advisory Panel, is so important to the present and future of the organisation.

The EAC is made up of a group of past and present service users, representing the widest possible spread of demographics, the broadest lived experience of sexual abuse trauma, and vast of experiences of engaging in our services; all to give the Management and Trustees the best possible understanding of how effective we are in meeting the needs of those we serve.

Council members serve a term of one year, with both co-chair’s serving a term of two years, but can be re-elected by the council for no more than three terms of office.

The EAC meet every 6 weeks to discuss their views of the organisation, the services its delivering, and the current opinions by council members on the needs of male survivors in Greater Manchester and beyond. The Chief Executive Officer and Operations Director take it in turns, on an alternating basis, to join the meeting to provide information to the council on the numbers of survivors using the services and any key developments or events/campaigns from the organisation.

The purpose of the Council meetings is to share knowledge and create a feedback loop between the two parties to create one bigger plan.

An engagement event is held every 3 months, hosted by the council, which is open to any individual accessing the services as a way to ensure that we share all our knowledge widely.

If you are interested in becoming part of this exciting feedback loop, then drop us a line by clicking here.

Contact Us



Main Centre
Unit 9, Brewery Yard,
Deva City Office Park,
Trinity Way,
M3 7BB

Registered Office
P.O Box 4325
M61 0BG

Opening times

Monday: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Tuesday: 9.00am – 8.00pm
Wednesday: 9.00am – 6.00pm
Thursday: 9.00am – 8.30pm
Friday: 9.00am – 6.00pm

Stakeholders & Fundraisers

Helpline: 0808 800 5005